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Shawn Foley Memorial Fund

The Shawn Foley Memorial Fund was established to honor a beloved coach and mentor who left us far too soon. Shawn spent several years working at Home Field Instruction where he found a sense of home and fulfillment that he had previously longed for. He coached patiently and thoughtfully, often using his science background to explain the mechanics of the game. Shawn’s players remember him as kind, passionate, and full of wit. 

Shawn’s love for the game of baseball began early in his childhood and although he quickly excelled in the sport, his family’s financial barriers kept him from playing. Thankfully, Shawn’s natural ability and talent were noticed by a local coach who generously offered to fund his first season. Shawn recognized the impact that a good coach can have on a child’s life and believed that money should not be the barrier that keeps a child from the game.


Contributions made to the Shawn Foley Memorial Fund will be used to support players who deserve an opportunity to play ball, regardless of their financial situation. Shawn’s legacy will be kept alive through these players and the coaches who pour into them. 

Contributions can be made to the Shawn Foley Memorial Fund in the following ways:

Venmo:  @shawnfoleybenefit

Make checks payable to "Home Field Group" and mail to or drop off at 185 Allspice Ct. Springboro OH 45066

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