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West Virginia University Tech 

Softball & Soccer dual athlete

Position:  Pitcher, 1B

What’s your role at Home Field Instruction?


I am a fastpitch instructor at HFI. I instruct batting, fielding, throwing, and pitching. I also train soccer players.  Along with giving individual lessons I also work with teams, monsters in training, and small group clinics.


Who inspires you?


Raised in the Hoosier State, the coaches I most admired were John Wooden and Bobby Knight. Both were very tenacious and had high expectations of their teams both on and off the court.  I grew up on a farm with Belgium horses and my parents instilled hard work pays off and a no quit attitude. We don't have to be superstars or win championships. All we have to do is learn to rise to every occasion, give our best effort, and make those around us better as we do it.


What’s something most people don’t know about you?


I enjoy a little bit of everything. I have many hobbies and right now running is my go to sport. I have a few marathons under my belt. In general, I just enjoy life and learning and spending time outdoors. The challenges and rewards are what makes it so compelling. I have coached basketball, soccer and baseball teams, am married and have two sons.

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