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University of Michigan, 1985

Position: SS/2B

What’s your role at Home Field Instruction?

I am the owner of Home Field Instruction as well as the general manager of the Home Field Elite teams (9 baseball and 5 softball). I primarily handle hitting with all age players but work with high level hitters to get them to the next level. I work with several college players on a regular basis refining their approach to hitting. I love seeing my players around the area and working with each and everyone of them.

Who inspires you?

Bo Schembechler was a coach that greatly inspired me to move forward into coaching. He was tough on his players yet shared a bond of friendship with them that was incredible. That is what I want for my players.


What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I owned and managed a trucking company for 17 years prior to starting Home Field. We had trucks throughout the Midwest and had a major customer located in West Carrollton. I could not drive any of those trucks! That takes a very special talent.

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