Want to play at the next level? 

College Coaches PITCHING & HITTING clinics!

Skills Clinics for Players at Every Level

Hitting Clinics

$30 per single one-hour clinic, or buy a Clinic 4-pack for $100.

Hitting for Power - ages 12+


Power hitters have a way of injecting excitement into a game. Learn the fundamentals of hitting, including creating power, using the ground to your advantage, situational hitting, and mental toughness. Confidence changes games!


Hitting for Power is geared toward the older hitter.  Appropriate for ages 12 and over.

Saturdays:  December 15 and 22, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm 


Hitting Basics - ages 12 and under


Hitting is more than making contact. Know what to do at the plate every time. Gain confidence and fundamental skills that will change the way you approach every at-bat.

Hitting Basics is geared toward the younger or less experienced hitter.

Appropriate for ages 12 and under, both baseball and softball.

Saturdays: December 15 and 22, 10:00 - 11:00 am

Pitching Clinics

$30 per single one-hour clinic, or buy a Clinic 4-pack for $100.

The Complete Pitcher

Learn progressive throwing, pitching from the stretch and windup, pickoff moves, and the different types of pitches. The key to pitching is starting every pitch in the strike zone with a repetitive motion that eliminates injury and gives the player a chance to throw strikes with more velocity. This series is designed to teach the fundamentals of pitching in a small group format and is appropriate for all ages.

Catching Clinics

$30 per single one-hour clinic, or buy a 4-pack for $100.

Shortage of Quality Catchers? NOT at Home Field!

Introducing former Akron Zip James Sheltrown, a catcher and infielder who joins Home Field to share his enthusiasm and excitement for the great game of baseball. James will be here to facilitate the Catching 101 Catchers Clinic and move your player to the next level. All catchers, regardless of ability, will start with James in Catching 101. A solid foundation is the goal for this catchers clinic, with movement to more advanced techniques when the fundamentals are mastered.

Softball Clinics

$30 per single one-hour clinic, or buy a Clinic 4-pack for $100.

Fastpitch Softball Pitching Clinic


What does every softball team need for success?  Pitching depth that includes you in the line-up!  Learn fundamentals of pitching that will include arm care, mental toughness, and increased velocity.


This Fastpitch Softball Clinic is appropriate for the younger or less experienced softball player. 

Home Field Instruction's Skills Clinics are created to be a player's building blocks for his foundation in the great sports of baseball and softball.  For best results, a minimum of 4 consecutive clinics is recommended.  

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